Freakonomics: Trust Me (Rebroadcast)

Hey there, it’s Stephen Dubner. Welcome to our final episode of the year! It’s called “Trust Me” and it’s about how to build more social trust. We first put this out just after last year’s rather dramatic presidential election. 2017 has been an amazing year at Freakonomics Radio, and we’d like to thank you for that. You are the reason we make this show, and you are also an important reason we’re able to make this show. Financial support from listeners provides a decent bit of the money that makes Freakonomics Radio possible. We’ve been fortunate to grow into one of the biggest podcasts in the world. But with that size comes … higher bandwidth costs, for instance. So every person who gives just a little bit to help cover production costs makes a difference. You can help us bring you more Freakonomics Radio in the new year. When you do it by December 31st, you’ll set yourself up for a nice little charitable deduction on your next tax return. But time is running out! It’s going to be the 31st in no time. Please support Freakonomics Radio. Become a member today with your donation. Get your 2017 tax deduction before it’s too late. Just click here or text the word “Freak” to 701-01. Thanks so much!

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